About Zaitt

Our Story

It took us a long time to translate the realization of how deep-rooted Olive Oil is in our daily lives. This all started with watching our grandmother apply Olive oil to her face and hair as we were growing up. She would massage it into her hair and apply it to her face instead of cream. Back then we never understood the implications or the significance of what she was doing. She said that she was following what Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was said to do with Olive Oil.

We also had another family tradition where an olive branch would be placed in our home, also brought by my grandmother at every lunar New Year (where the old one would be replaced by the new). When we asked her about this tradition she said that these are the leaves of a tree that is sacred and hence would bring good luck and ward off evil.

It took us a long time to be able to make the association of eating Olive Oil with almost everything to what we saw my grandmother do with it. Further curiosity coupled with research gave us the incentive to go ahead and produce this essential oil.

Finding out its naturally bestowed benefits we became determined to start as a producer respecting this product by maintaining its unique quality, respecting this land by a true representation of its taste, and respecting this tradition by creating an experience, one that has outlived time.